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Educational & Family Support

Most of the children in Tanzanian orphanages are there because of poverty,, not orphan hood. The vast majority of children  call "orphans" have a surviving family or extended member who would care for them if they only had the means to do so.. Strengthening families is the best way to meet the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children.

Children needs love, a sense of belonging, the experience of family, and connection to community in order to thrive into adulthood. 

Unfortunately the orphange-industry is growing rapidly.  One of the main reasons is that school-fees are very expensive  and something that most families can't afford. Therefore many send their children of to institutions in hope of giving them a better future. 

But  In reality  these children are being used  for  profit . Lack of love , care and a sense of belonging becomes their every day life.  

Today 18 Tanzanian children are getting educational support trough OKIA-sponsors. By supporting families in need first hand  we  prevent children from being institutionalised .  We see education as one of the main key to break the chain of poverty within families .