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The Women’s Empowerment Project is created to help women living in vulnerable situations.  OKIA aims to create financial independency among women to enable them to care for their own children.  By  providing a social network for women through women empowerment groups the women gain strength, ideas and support from each other. Business-managing and financial classes are also taught in group meetings. Through investments from OKIA the women starts up their businesses and can thereby regain a sustainable income through already known, or easy learned, skills. After the business has started to generate a bigger income each women reinvest the investment she gained in another woman in the group. 

Since OKIA Tanzania has opened, we have encountered many different women in need coming into our office looking for help. When a woman is able to earn an income for herself and her family, she is much more likely than her male counterpart to invest her earnings back into her family, such as sending her children to school and buying food for their family.

Our version of hands on education that strengthens families. Help us prevent poverty from being a reason of family separation. Help us fight for every child's right to a family. 

Support our Women-Empowerment project by purchasing the OKIA-bag.! 

For only 20 euros you not only make this project grow  but you also  insure the livelihood of several tanzanian women.  Fill in the boxes below to get more info! 

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